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The name Demeter derives from the Greek mother and fertility goddess Demeter and stands for a biodynamic cultivation, a step-up of organic-biological cultivation (called Bio for short). The aim of this method is to look at the farm in its entirety (humans, animals and plants) and a closed biological cycle through speciose crop rotation and animal breeding. The realization for winegrowers is very difficult – therefore, the cooperation with other Demeter farms is usually required.

In addition to the plant strengthening agents used in organic-biological winegrowing, specifically affecting preparations such as preparations of horn gravel and horn dung and various plant extracts are additionally used for support. The most plant strengthening agents are naturally occurring, not chemical-synthetical products. These preparations are only used to increase the resilience of the plants - a specific impact against diseases and pests must not be given.

As with organical-biological cultivation, readily soluble chemical-synthetical fertilizers and herbicides are prohibited. The soil is revegetated and regularly fertilized with organic fertilizer. In order to ensure that this fertilizer is at their disposal, it is usually required for Demeter winegrowers to cooperate with other Demeter farms, as already mentioned.

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