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Our Philosophy


The soil in combination with its precious organisms and a perfect climate - the best pioneers for unique wines. But all wines need their time to fully unfold - and they get the time they need from us.



Our vineyards are widely located in Spannberg and Raggendorf on sunny slopes. At our house and farm you can fall in love with our wines and get a foretaste of our wines in the self-service hut in front of the house.



Due to biodynamic cultivation and the special fermentation our wines get a distinctive flavor. Choose from 13 different wines and find your favorite.



There is always something going on here - stay up to date and visit us at wine tastings, our "Sturmtage" or come by in our self-service hut after a walk.

Our insider tip - 

Grüner Veltliner Amphore Barrique


Made in a clay amphora, aged in a small oak barrel, mellow rich golden yellow-colour and strong, spicy taste with smoky hints

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Always be up to date and follow our work on the slopes or see your photos on our facebook page.

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